Amy is Crawling!



This weekend you started crawling Amy! You were sat watching James build a tower out of alphabet blocks and you wanted to go play, so you crawled forward to join in. You looked shocked & pleased when Mummy and Daddy started clapping and giving you praise. James wasn’t as impressed; when you arrived you knocked his tower over. James wasn’t pleased either to see Mummy and Daddy encouraging this kind of tower-demolishing behaviour, and Lily tried to help James by moving some of his blocks out of your reach…. But now you have learnt this crawling business, nothing is out of your reach!

Mummy and Daddy explained to James and Lily that you are only little and don’t understand yet, and that if you knock a tower oven, its fun to rebuild it. We explained its more fun to build towers for you to knock down! We promised that when you have a nap, its time to build really big towers, and do big girl and boy things.

Even though you know how to crawl now, you keep forgetting and occasionally get stuck near a wall, its only when your concentrating you remember to crawl forward and your fine! You like to hold onto your brother and sister too, and pull your self up to standing on them. James is really good with you and lets you stand, he keeps nice and still, and tells you kindly or moves your hand if you hurt him by accident. He likes to show Mummy what a big boy he is by helping you! Lily wants you to hold onto her too, and you do, but she moves out of your way when she wants to play or you hurt her by accident, and you get upset. Lily always wants you to hold onto her when you hold onto James.

Love you more than words can say,





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